Thursday, May 14, 2009

Odds and ends

Waiting for hubby to come home after which we head out to the barn together. We took Bay to the vet yesterday and spent about 2 hours there. They looked him over, worked some more on his teeth. Right now they are thinking that his teeth are the problem...the reason he's been losing weight; that coupled with the fact he's only been on hay and no grain and we're working him rather hard. He never needed anything but hay before, but now we are going to try Strategy. Has anyone out there used it? He isn't horribly underweight, but if he had another 50 lbs on him it wouldn't hurt him either.

I am going to ride Boo. He has had another easy week only because I have been busy with other things. I am feeling a bit guilty about that. Tomorrow the forecast is beautiful, so I plan to spend a good portion of the afternoon out there with him. Hopefully, I will get a picture or two to post while I am there.

This weekend is the AHACO show down in Salem. I am going to go down on Sunday when they have the dressage rides because I know a couple of the young ladies showing, and I'd like to see their rides. Might go Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours too, just because I like to look at the western bling. We'll see. Saturday may be given over to work around here that I have been avoiding...or maybe a trail ride? We'll see.


  1. I was supposed to go to that show with a friend, but instead we are taking my 17 year old to Bend to check ouut a Troubled Youth program. He actually volunteered to go ! So I canceled with my BF ( which in any other circumstance I would NEVER DO), and driving to BEnd at 6 am.
    So, please look for in HUnter Classes Deborah Livingstone, Ashley Billingsley they are my peeps !

  2. Char, I just emailed Mary, "G" and Molly to see if they wanted to do a trail ride over weekend or on Monday afternoon - see if you want to go, I'll talk to Tracey also.


  3. Hey Kim,
    do you mean to hack out around the barn or trailer somewhere? Let me know and let me know what time.

  4. Hey Jocelyn,
    I am only going in the morning to see the sporthorse stuff. I wanted to go today, but there is just to much going on. I guess I can't play ALL THE TIME! Let me know how your friends did though. I'd be interested.